Bag, pouch and packaging manufacturer


To ensure efficient execution of tasks, the entire process has been centralized. Located on the second floor, this platform encompasses material sourcing, sales department, logistics, management, finance, shooting area and production monitoring. Taken together, this saves time and costs. Sampling room is located on the first floor next to the production. The ground floor being reserved for storage, cutting and packing.

Raw Material

We manage our supplies internally. Our purchasing department utilizes sources from 3 raw materials markets located in our region (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Humen), which enables us to check the stock and ensure the best timeline for a customization. We have more than 2000 in-house swatch cards materials and can provide a wide range of selections according to your needs.

Swatch cards
Quilted nylon
Diamond embossed PU
inerys printing
inerys broderie
Vynil PVC
inerys soudure
inerys relief
Poly Canvas 0.5mm
inerys couture
inerys embossage

Sampling room

Inerys can present fast quotes and make some of the quickest
free of charge prototypes on the market.

Quality Control

  • Control of raw material and accessories
  • Intermediate control: AQL
  • Final control: individual check of products before packing.


We are able to deliver you as soon as possible, whatever the mode of transport.

Product Testing

Laboratory tests are completed at Intertek or CSTP to eliminate the risk of toxins or allergens (Nickel, phthalates, etc.) in compliance with applicable standards and application guidelines depending on the country of distribution.